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Commercial Aerospace & Defense

Gain real-time visibility and control to drive innovation and distinction


In the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, innovation is driving the need to connect everything — aircraft, engines, systems, machines, equipment and people — to ensure faster business outcomes, competitive advantage and improved profitability. Costs associated with product innovation and delivery are continually increasing, putting significant pressure on A&D companies to stay competitive while keeping costs at bay. But as new technologies move up the hype cycle such as Industry 4.0, Big Data and IoT, in some cases a major upheaval can occur if you don’t carefully plan on how your automation will come together.

Predictive Maintenance

Combine the power of the IoT and Predictive Analytics to reduce unplanned downtime. Manufacturers the world over know the impact of unplanned downtime on production equipment. In many cases the cost and delay to production is simply untenable. With the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers can access usage and status data coming directly from sensors and actuators embedded in the equipment. This data can then be continuously analyzed by streaming analytics, coupled with predictive models to enable predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance drives improved asset utilization and reduced maintenance costs as well as improved product quality and availability.

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Connected Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has unlimited potential. Digital manufacturing technologies allow manufacturers to unleash their vision, optimize machine reliability and production, improve quality, and drive the creation of innovative business models. Digital technology solutions can help manufacturers become more responsive to their customers – turning real-time insights from sensors and devices into actionable intelligence. This is the power of Connected Manufacturing. But when manufacturers survey the vendor landscape, they see a confusing mess. That’s why Software AG offers a platform that helps you retain the freedom to partner with best-in-class leaders and innovators across the entire IoT ecosystem.

An IoT platform for the entire enterprise:

  • Connect production facilities to the supply chain while improving the reliability and performance of both
  • Deliver premium on-site customer service for IoT enabled products
  • Drive the creation of usage-based products (or product-as-a-service)

Harness the right IoT products and services with no single vendor lock-in. Avoid local pockets of IoT deployment when no single vendor can meet all your needs.

Operational Intelligence

Software AG’s Manufacturing Operational Intelligence solution enables companies to derive insight, in real time, from the vast amounts of data generated by disparate operational processes. By monitoring everything, including your PDM, contracts, task orders, supply chain, logistics and services systems in real time, you can be alerted to not only potential issues but also potential opportunities. The solution can automate alerts and actions, escalate and reroute tasks to lower risk and seize opportunities.

Through a combination of real-time connectivity tools and real-time process and data analytics, you gain real-time insights that make the difference. If the logistics systems have a problem, you can tell immediately whose orders will be affected. If you can see subassemblies needed for key customers are going to be delayed, you could reroute those components to another warehouse or proactively contact customers so the delay will not take them by surprise. If there are spikes in orders, the solution could contact your Project Manager with a prewritten notice for your Supplier and Buyers to ensure the awareness and heightened priority for selected customer orders.

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SAP Optimization

SAP leads the pack among ERP solution vendors. But, putting an SAP solution into production is no small task, and once it is configured, tested and validated, it can—and probably should—remain unaltered. As the “system of record” for essentially every enterprise in which it is installed, it needs to run precisely as it was designed to run.

For A&D companies, that have business models that need to quickly change in response to new market conditions, new customer demands and even new technologies (think social media and the cloud), this may pose an agility challenge. But, instead of responding to this evolving world by trying to implement change at the level where the SAP ERP system resides, Software AG proposes a better approach. Treat the SAP ERP solution as the bedrock foundation it is, and build your integration platform on top of that foundation.

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Forrester Wave Report: Industrial IIoT

Software AG was named a "Visionary" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 2019.

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