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Government Matter TV – Mastering Your Government Data

How Effective Is Your Agency at Extracting Insight From Your Data?

While information offers a lot of benefits, it can be challenging, frustrating, and expensive. Building the right infrastructure to access and capture data isn’t simple. And then you need to be able to convert it into insight. Extracting insights from data used to be the domain of the IT department but more often functional leaders want to be masters of their own data.

Where do IT and functional leaders start to aggregate and analyze more information to support better decision-making collaboratively? What if your agency doesn’t have a CDO to bridge the gap between IT and functional teams? How can you enable more effective business process automation, better understand citizens, and provide more effective mission support?

Hear from the U.S. Army, DoD, and HHS to learn how agency data professionals are taking steps that result in “quick wins” towards an effective future data management strategy.

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