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Real-Time Data Visualization


Software AG’s MashZone NextGen Business Analytics product offers real-time analytics and visualization for faster and better decisions.

MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

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MashZone NextGen visual analytics software is the fastest way to explore and analyze streaming data and events flowing through and data stored in the Digital Business Platform. You can quickly connect to any platform product, from Apama to webMethods to ARIS. Blend in any data from any other source—like Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, databases, flat files and SAP, Oracle® or SaleForce® systems—for analysis at any time.

Analyze both real-time and at-rest data on one screen to uncover new ways to improve efficiency, supplier management and more.

What You Can Do with the Platform

Live, Multi-Source Connectivity

  • Combine data from any source for data visualizations in real-time.
  • Access the original data so users respond to changing conditions as they happen.
  • Accept unstructured data, like a social media feed, and keep it updated in real-time.

Simple, Powerful Data Mashing

  • “Point-click-connect” assembly tool makes it easy to bring together and manipulate data from multiple existing systems into meaningful data visualizations.
  • Simple, powerful data mashing means IT and power users can create new apps and dashboards in hours—even minutes—and share them faster than ever through the secure AppDepot.

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards

  • Easy-to-use tools foster the real-time collaboration now critical to competitive advantage.
  • Savvy users create their own real-time interactive dashboards and share what they’ve done with less dependence on IT.

Key Benefits

  • Combine fresh data from any source to create real-time mashups
  • Set up new apps and dashboards in hours—even minutes
  • Build a mashup once, run it anywhere—on portals, websites and mobile devices—with the look-and-feel of your platform
  • Measure continuous business impact with easy access to real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Rely less on IT—anyone can create a mashup and easily share it with anyone
  • Safe and secure—no data is stored on any device
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Transform raw data into meaningful insights in minutes. With MashZone NextGen, you simply “point and click” to mash up data. That means less reliance on IT to create dashboards and share visualizations An intuitive interface makes it easy to unite and manipulate data from many sources. Add bar charts, traffic lights, gauge chart, pie charts and grids—and other widgets based on HTML5—to get the picture in an instant.

Set up personas—for example, for business users, analysts, developers and subject matter experts—so that each participant gets precisely the analytics results they need.

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Pack your dashboards with the latest information and analyze terabytes of in-memory data in real time. MashZone NextGen leverages Terracotta BigMemory and Terracotta DB to offer an in-memory analytics language, RAQL, for analyzing data both big and small. Use the Terracotta cache to keep data in-memory on local on-heap, off-heap or remote—whichever suits your needs best.

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