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Alfabet IT Planning & Portfolio Management Platform

From FITARA to TBM, master what's ahead with confidence

Software AG’s Alfabet IT Planning & Portfolio Management Platform provides decision-makers with insight into the IT portfolio to make the right IT investment decisions and to plan how IT will support the organization and its mission in the future.

Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management

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IT Modernization and transformation initiatives demand change—and lots of it. Tackle these changes head-on when you understand the impact of them from every angle. Only Alfabet, a leader in both enterprise architecture and IT portfolio management, enables you to align portfolio decisions with the future-state EA models that are the IT strategy. So when leadership says, “New change or new mandate,” like Cloud Smart, TBM, the Internet of Things, agile development and DevOps, IT can say, “Bring it on!”

Know the true value of your IT investments and reduce transformational risks with “whole-view management” that allows you to estimate the impact everywhere—know interdependencies between portfolios for applications, technologies, projects, services and APIs. You can set the pace for change—whether to support a new innovation or the back office, you can determine how fast systems need to change.

What You Can Do with this FedRAMP In Process Platform

Crosswalk Across and Analyze Your IT Portfolio

  • Get the high-level view of how various IT portfolios—application, project, technology, strategy, capability and demand—interrelate to plan strategic transformation
  • Crosswalk across your IT Portfolio to gain various perspectives from an application view to a services view
  • Identify the knock-on effects of changing a portfolio object on objects in other portfolios
  • Link business capabilities to supporting applications, technologies and projects to keep IT changes from adversely affecting business operations

Govern Your IT Portfolio

  • Create manageable portfolios that show clear responsibility for capturing information, assessing portfolios and making decisions
  • Implement standard business portfolios and create ad-hoc portfolios as needed
  • Use workflows and monitors to assess all required information before decision-making and to make approval decisions transparent and auditable

Plan in a Collaborative Way

  • Articulate plans and the need for alignment among the different stakeholders using road maps
  • Provide stakeholders with role-specific content and navigation to relevant views and functionality
  • Get an accurate and reliable perspective on the timeframe to switch from current processes and solutions to new ones
  • Use any of the 1,000 reports delivered out-of-the-box or design reports using templates


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Application Portfolio Management

Better support your agency’s mission by making the right decisions on your application strategy.

With Alfabet, you can:

  • Provide current and reliable information on applications to the necessary stakeholders
  • Use analyses to deliver on programs to increase agility, reduce costs and improve application health
  • Support IT management processes that require reliable application information, such as IT risk assessments and project design

Technology Portfolio Management

Maintaining know-how on operating technologies is important for keeping operating and project costs under control. It is essential to have a robust, effective and efficient technology portfolio management process so you can handle constant changes due to new releases and new technologies introduced by projects and acquisitions.

With Alfabet, you can:

  • Get current and reliable information on technologies in use and where they are used
  • Quickly analyze the impact of changes in your technology portfolio on your application portfolio and vice versa
  • Choose and define technology standards and enforce those standards
  • Understand the costs and risks of using the wrong technologies
  • Identify technology innovations that can provide business benefits

Project Portfolio Management

Delivering the right portfolio of projects in the right way gives your department an advantage.

With Alfabet, you can:

  • Use a central repository of projects for planning and monitoring
  • Implement standards for documenting and assessing projects—including business cases, assessing alignment to business and operational strategy and architectural standards, and rating implementation risks
  • Break down your overall portfolio into manageable smaller portfolios aligned to operational structures and responsibilities
  • Identify the best portfolio mix given the constraints of budget and manpower
  • Support major stakeholders, such as portfolio managers, project managers and budget owners, in optimizing the value from investments

Demand Management

Robust, effective and efficient demand management can help you stay on top of demands and navigate the complicated politics of your organization.

With Alfabet, you can:

  • Get current and reliable information on demands and their status
  • Identify duplication and conflicts between demands early
  • Assess demands with sufficient due diligence to deliver reliable implementation plans
  • Use a transparent and auditable approval process, which leads to business-aligned IT plans
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Business Needs

The Alfabet IT Planning & Portfolio Management Platform ensures that IT powers mission attainment by providing IT with the means to:

  • Implement business initiatives faster and improve delivery time for new business offerings
  • Implement cost-efficient business solutions
  • Take better advantage of new technologies for new business areas
  • Deal more cost efficiently with regulatory and compliance issues
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