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In-Memory Data Management Platform

Hundreds of terabytes of data at microsecond speeds.

Software AG’s Terracotta In-Memory Data Management Platform is the first-choice platform for distributed in-memory data management with extremely low, predictable latency at any scale.

The Premier In-Memory Platform for Real-Time Big Data

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Count on predictable performance at any scale

Big data is at the heart of every organization. And when your users need it, they need it fast. With the Terracotta In-Memory Data Management Platform, featuring Enterprise Ehcache, the data your users need isn’t buried deep in a database. It’s stored in-memory, where it is quickly retrievable by multiple users with multiple apps. Whether you’re talking about in-memory data sets on a single server or distributed across hundreds, nothing else goes this big and this fast!

In-memory computing is a transformative technology that is already becoming a core component of high performing applications within government and with great results. Best of all, it allows you to achieve massive scale within your existing infrastructure all while supercharging the speed of your enterprise applications so you can tackle big data quickly.

Snap in. Speed up. Scale out

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What Can You Do with The Platform

Store, Cache & Compute on One Platform

  • Avoid duplicating data by using a single store for both transactional and analytic requirements
  • Accelerate time to insight using in-memory data management for high performance and guaranteed low latency
  • Scale out to achieve 99.999% availability with instant fail-over capabilities
  • Optimize application performance across diverse workloads
  • Provide flexible and highly scalable capacity for total resilience without complexity

Go Big

  • Store massive amounts of data in memory for ultra-fast access
  • Massive datasets are instantly available in ultra-fast RAM distributed across any size server array
  • Easily scales to TBs of data in-memory

Go Fast

  • Accelerate application performance
  • Hundreds of terabytes of heterogeneous data can be maintained in-memory, with guaranteed latency of low milliseconds
  • Enjoy real-time data flows of any type of data, to and from any device

Increase Your Insight

  • Accelerate your time to insight—gather, sort and analyze data faster so you can act more quickly
  • Understand trends in your data as they happen
  • Mitigate a risk that is fast-breaking
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In-Memory Data Management

In-memory data management platform for low (and predictable) latency at any scale and high availability. Develop real-time insights and intelligent action based on instant access to all of your data.

Connectivity & Real-Time Messaging

Connect to Hadoop®, social, enterprise, Web, mobile and other sources from a single scalable connectivity solution. Count on ultra-low latency messaging for real-time sources.

Full fault-tolerance and Fast Restartable Store™

Technology delivers 99.999% uptime

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Business Needs

Before Terracotta, many software architects wouldn’t even THINK about putting more than a few GBs of data in RAM. But now, in-memory data management is used extensively across several industries and in government— enabling agencies and their suppliers to extract real value from big data faster. Use cases include:

Massive Scalability & Consolidation

Improve the performance and scalability of existing mission-critical applications while supporting real-time data analysis. Quickly deliver Web services scalable to millions of users. Reduce demand on your database and avoid scaling storage & license fees. Reduce mainframe load, saving millions of dollars in MIPS.

Situational Awareness

Transform a variety of data sources and high volume event streams into actionable real-time insight. We allow you to ingest information quickly to create and build automated actions to respond.

Cyber Defense

Defend against cyber attacks by detecting suspicious usage patterns in real-time against many days of historical data. Employ a layer of defense that can actually scale with your ever-increasing IT footprint.

Fraud Detection

Reduce risk and loss due to fraud. Detect complex fraud patterns in real-time against many days of historical data. Dynamically determine positions across the trading portfolio dynamically based on millions of transactions.

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