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webMethods Integration

Connecting everything at microsecond speeds.

Need to integrate systems on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid combination? Gain the flexibility you need with Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform.

Take the #1 Hybrid Integration Platform, webMethods, for a Test Drive.

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Hybrid Integration Platform

IT infrastructureThis proven, pre-integrated software suite features the market-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) so you can rapidly integrate systems, services, devices, processes and data to improve mission success.  Maximize IT investments and integration assets such as mappings, processes, canonical document formats and both microservices and more sophisticated business services. and adopt new technologies quickly with less risk and redundancy. Our webMethods platform can integrate virtually any system or application, including SAP®, Oracle®, mainframe legacy systems and even custom code—no matter where they reside, on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid combination.

By using webMethods, you can eliminate redundant data entry, avoid costly point-to-point integrations and assure access to the latest, most relevant information for accurate, agile decision-making.

What You Can Do with the Platform

Integrate Anything with Everything

  • Connect any system or application silo with plug-and-play ease
  • Share and synchronize data across systems
  • Link mobile and SaaS apps securely with enterprise systems
  • Use a single B2B gateway for connecting all trading partners
  • Extend information and apps to employees, customers and partners anywhere

Innovate Faster

  • Re-use services and systems to accelerate time to value
  • Adapt quickly to new and changing business needs—like new regulations, mergers, mobile apps and cloud integration
  • Fuel new innovations with API management, service enablement and governance
  • Exploit mobile opportunities across your infrastructure

Reduce Costs & Risks

  • Re-use existing assets to lower TCO
  • Say goodbye to high costs and complexity of point-to-point integrations
  • Eliminate redundant or unneeded systems from merged departments
  • Deploy on-premises and “lift & shift” to the cloud as you see fit

Key Benefits

Connect Application Silos

Custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases can all interoperate and exchange information easily using the webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce time and cost to integrate new applications by eliminating complex point-to-point connections.

Improve Time to Value for Applications

Re-use existing assets and build new applications faster without jeopardizing quality.

Accelerate Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives

Reduce the time, complexity and cost of delivering data and analytics initiatives built on Hadoop® and NoSQL platforms. With the webMethods Big Data Gateway, you can extract and load any data—structured and unstructured—from any source—on-premises and in the cloud—and transform it as needed for consumption by internal and external users. Open new channels by using it as a scalable API layer for securely exposing data for analytics and third-party consumption.
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Enable Enterprise Mobile Apps

Provision back-end data and capabilities to power enterprise mobile apps in a secure and well-managed fashion.

Unlock Business Value of Unique Data

Expose APIs to third-party developers to build new applications reaching new customers.

Ensure Superior Enterprise Data Quality

Ensure single version and reference data consumed by enterprise applications.

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Market-leading technology

webMethods includes best-of-breed technology rated highly by independent analysts such as Gartner and Forrester. It includes the following key capabilities all of which leverage a common IDE, installer, run-time, and admin and monitoring tools:

  • Service enablement of mainframe, packaged and custom applications, and databases
  • Service orchestration with in-built mapping and transformation functions
  • Integration and governance of SaaS and other cloud-based applications
  • Support container technologies like Docker® in your microservices architecture
  • Asynchronous high speed messaging to Web, mobile and enterprise clients
  • End-to-end life-cycle management—from design to deployment—of all integration artifacts including services, related documents and policies
  • Managed file transfer within and across enterprises
  • Big data gateway to streamline big data adoption and consumption
  • Partner management and electronic exchange of documents in various formats
  • Master data management of product or customer, reference and hierarchical data

Proven methodology

A proven implementation methodology called Prime for Enterprise Integration for implementing webMethods products. Prime provides a solution-centric methodology, consisting of:

  • An implementation and deployment process for your entire solution
  • A project life cycle composed of phases, work packages and activities

You can execute detailed work steps and generate predefined deliverables by drawing from an inventory of assets, including best practices, guidelines, tools and templates.

Valuable expertise

You can achieve maximum project success at the lowest cost with implementation services that focus on planning, building and operating an integration platform with webMethods. Leveraging our expertise, you can implement a pilot project in 30 days and be in production within 90 days.

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Business Needs


Integrate cloud and on-premise applications

Today’s Digital Enterprises run a wide range of systems and applications for their business. Integrating these on-premise and cloud applications poses a huge challenge as the systems are built on different technology platforms. Connecting, integrating and interoperating with packaged, homegrown and cloud applications is one of the most critical business requirements and a complex IT challenge.

Govern services and implement an API platform

APIs are a new distribution channel for products and services, which involves exposing APIs to external partners. Companies need mechanisms to manage the entire process of planning, designing and developing APIs and securely exposing APIs to external developers and partners. To effectively execute on the API strategy, they also need services mediation and visibility into execution.

webmethods-fact sheetConnect partners and manage internal and external file transfers

Enterprises rely on business partners for products, services and several other mission critical functions. Exchanging B2B data securely and reliably with large number of partners is critical to enterprise’s agility and competitiveness. Additionally, taking control of large volume of files being exchanged internally and externally with partners becomes essential for security and performance reasons.

Single source of trusted data

Applications own data but there are overlaps in terms of data-sets they own. This results in several versions of the truth and requires data be reconciled, cleansed and then synchronized as needed. Inaccurate data results in erroneous transactions raising the cost of doing business. By establishing a single source of trusted data, the cost and impact to business can be minimized.

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