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Application Integration

Moving More Apps to the Cloud?



With the most applications moving to the cloud, you’re looking at new application integration challenges. For example:

  • What’s the best way to integrate SaaS solutions?
  • How can you securely integrate a cloud app like ServiceNow® with critical on-premises ERP system like SAP?
  • Should you stick with multiple systems for on-premises integration and cloud integration or go with a single hybrid integration plan?

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Your Options are Wide Open with Software AG

By building an application integration solution on the top-rated hybrid integration platform, you can set up just about any integration quickly and easily. You can:

  • Integrate cloud-based apps and on-premises systems without coding
  • Simplify with one toolset for on-premises and cloud integrations
  • Use a microservices-style architecture to deliver and scale new integrations faster
  • Run both services and messaging-style integrations
  • Even count on us for managed services for your integration needs

Technical developers get the fine-grained control they demand, an environment to support DevOps and a way to “lift and shift” to the cloud . Non-technical “citizen integrators” gain an easy way to set up cloud integrations. Integrating software applications without compromise!

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Open, standards-based integration

  • Our solution enables agencies to leverage their existing and new information assets
  • Integrate virtually any system, including ERP, CRM, cloud-based applications, home-grown applications and legacy systems, such as mainframes
  • Secure data, encode data and communicate securely across your enterprise
  • Standards-based integration is faster—webMethods supports industry standards and protocols including HTTP, REST, XML, SOAP and WDSL

Reliable messaging

  • Guarantee delivery and once-and-only-once delivery of messages
  • Supports all major messaging patterns, such as publish/subscribe, request/reply and synchronous/asynchronous

Multiple document and protocol support

  • Supports industry-standard protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, Java® Message Service (JMS), REST, SMTP, SNMP, MQTT, Web Sockets and file polling
  • Supports varied document formats, including XML, flat files, .CSV files and delimited files


  • Authenticate systems and users using LDAP, Active Directory® and single sign-on systems, such as Netegrity
  • Authorize role-based access with in-built authorization provider or connect with external third-party providers
  • Grant or revoke permissions at service level

Auditing and logging

  • Central audit system keeps detailed log of all transaction flows and service executions for troubleshooting errors and failures


  • No need for any extra hardware or specialized software to enable clustering

Technology and application adapters

  • Rapidly connect packaged apps and platforms using adapters instead of coding
  • Adapters feature connection pooling, security, session management and logging
  • Choose from a broad range of adapters for JDBC®, SAP®, Oracle®, Siebel CRM™,® and more

Manage file transfer

  • Centrally manage file transfers, set up transfer schedules and configure users
  • Move large files quickly over long distances
  • Securely exchange files with partners using latest security and encryption techniques

Read the Active Transfer fact sheet

Service creation and consumption

  • Create and invoke XML, SOAP, REST, JSON, Java®, Microsoft® .NET and other types of services from a single platform

Mapping and transformation

  • Use an Eclipse™-based integrated development environment to visually map any document type to any other
  • Hundreds of transformers are available out-of-the-box along with ability to quickly build custom transformation to support standard and complex transformations within the maps

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Add webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure to centrally monitor the health of the entire integration infrastructure
  • Measure and analyze metrics, such as available memory, CPU usage and number of threads used
  • Predictive analysis detects potential system failures even before they occur

Read the Optimize for Infrastructure sheet


  • Web-based tool can help in simulated deployments, checkpoints, rollbacks and federated deployments across environments
  • Can be visually configured or scripted
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How it Works

Application IntegrationIncrease agility when integrating applications

With webMethods, you gain a single integration backbone to connect multiple, heterogeneous IT systems and application silos—from custom, mainframe and legacy apps to ERP, CRM and cloud-based systems. We can help you adopt a well-planned and effective approach to application integration and gain end-to-end application visibility across all systems.

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