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Onboarding at the Speed of Digital Business


In the need-it-now digital age, you need to onboard new trading partners in the time it takes to download the latest hit music. Software AG B2B integration is made for this. Speed—plus scalability and simplicity you won’t find with other solutions.

Built on the world’s #1 integration platform, our B2B integration solution removes the high costs, confusion and complexity of managing multiple systems and formats.

You get one gateway for all B2B transactions, from purchase orders to payments. You can see what’s going on with every transaction. And, you can quickly integrate any system, whether you need EDI or RosettaNet® to link up high-tech industries or SWIFT® to make electronic payments with banks.

That’s a better way to manage your trading partner network. So what are you waiting for? Get onboard with us!


Eliminate extra hardware, EDI software licenses and maintenance fees. Consolidate your transactions on webMethods Trading Networks, a scalable, easy-to-manage B2B gateway. With webMethods Trading Networks for B2B integration, you gain all the advantages of rules-driven document processing:

  • Centrally manage partner contacts, security certificates and processing rules for faster partner onboarding
  • Streamline onboarding and subsequent changes to partner profiles with partner self-service
  • Meet compliance needs with role-based access to partner profiles and documents
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies by implementing consistent and reusable document processing rules
  • Adopt reusable mapping and document transformation rules that make any-to-any translation easy and adaptable to future changes
  • Integrate with partners in real time and seamlessly connect with your back-end systems for straight-through processing

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Count on the document and messaging support you need for pain-free B2B:Quickly Map Translations

  • Create, parse and validate EDI (such as X12 and EDIFACT) and XML-based documents
  • Support latest document transports, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS and EDIINT, as well as specialized standards, such as RNIF, ebXML, AS4, SOAP and many more
  • Securely exchange mission-critical information with partners using industry-standard security and encryption standards and protocols, such as HTTPS

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webMethods Trading Networks is your solution for quickly integrating partners in any industry. Count on:

  • Out-of-the-box support for industry standard document formats, validation and processes
  • Integrated support for open and proprietary protocols
  • Support any trading partner—regardless of document format

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Defense Logistics Agency

DLIS is the centralized on-line B2B cataloging activity for the Department of Defense, responsible for operational assignment, life cycle maintenance and collaboration and providing day-to-day cataloging support.

Department of the Navy ERP

Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the Navy’s financial system of record, providing reliable information for Navy leadership to keep our Navy moving forward. It unifies, standardizes, and streamlines B2B processes into one system.

Department of the Navy SPS

SPS provides a fully functional automated information system (AIS) that standardizes the procurement business practices and data elements by promoting the use of the same automated contracting procedures throughout DoD.

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