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webMethods Business Process Management

Optimize any kind of business process using a single, time-saving Business Process Management (BPM) toolset in our fully integrated suite. Using the collaborative webMethods environment, business and IT can innovate together on processes that make your organization more efficient and streamlined. And, with real-time monitoring, you can continually optimize processes allowing IT to change its focus from maintenance to driving innovation.

webMethods Business Process Management Suite

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Build, deploy and monitor dynamic process applications. Accelerate your business by automating processes using webMethods BPMS process and workflow management tools. By eliminating manual activities and inconsistent processes, you can increase productivity, improve accountability and reduce errors. Using process analytics, you can even discover and resolve business problems before mission impact.

What You Can Do with the Platform

Automate & Optimize Processes

  • Improve speed, visibility, consistency and agility
  • Automate processes to minimize manual work
  • Cut costs with increased efficiency
  • Quickly implement process-driven solutions using your existing IT landscape

Improve the End User & Decision Maker Experience

  • Make processes user-centric
  • Prevent problems instead of waiting to react
  • Respond quickly to today’s dynamic business, missions, and operations
  • Focus on value delivery
  • Meet SLAs and manage exceptions using real-time analytics

Empower Workers

  • Break barriers with IT and business collaboration
  • Bridge geographically dispersed employees
  • Manage human and content interaction to keep processes flowing

Key Benefits

Increase Efficiency

Continuously improve your business processes and reach a higher level of efficiency. All steps of a process can be executed and orchestrated automatically. This includes activities that need to be performed by people or systems. Eliminate manual process steps that are time consuming, error prone and costly.

Improve Transparency

Monitor performance as processes execute. Take action based on insights gained through real-time process analytics and dashboards.

Gain Visibility

Identify bottlenecks to re-route work to another location, add temporary resources or even create triage process instances. Give end users, decision makers, and partners visibility into your business processes. See if processes are running as desired to uncover improvement opportunities. Measure productivity and predict what benefits you can expect next from process changes.

Improve Quality

Assure consistency and avoid manual errors. Get employees to follow the same optimized and standardized processes to reduce costs.

Change Faster

Quickly respond to changing business conditions. Count on the agility you need to make business process changes and develop new applications faster. Transform your business and IT via flexible business rules and process intelligence.

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Process Execution

Run processes perfectly orchestrated, resulting in transparent, efficient and adaptive processes for active error prevention and end-to-end visibility.

Case management

Effectively support knowledge workers and maintain a solid history of the case. Auditing gets easier, plus case workers can see what’s happened across the case timeline. Set process goals, and let the case worker figure out the best way to achieve those goals based on his or her skills and experience.

Process automation

Rely on automatic orchestration and coordination of activities as defined in your business processes. This ensures consistency and predictable outcomes in terms of how work gets done. Automated processes also run faster than processes that rely on a lot of manual tasks and manual orchestration.

Process visibility

See how processes are performing across your IT landscape. You’re alerted to potential issues and can immediately identify the root cause. You even can see how to correct the problem. This way, you can catch problems in real-time—before operations are impacted.

Rules Management

IT and business can define and change rules that drive processes “on the fly” without any development work.

Content Interaction Management

Re-use documents, forms, memorandums and shipping papers aligned with processes when you automate your processes.

Human Interaction Management

Solve the challenges of how people interact with your processes via task management and collaboration capabilities.


Process models your business defines using ARIS become the starting point for process execution using webMethods BPMS. This aligns your corporate strategy with business processes and IT applications so that “structure follows strategy.”


Create strategic, situation-based and interactive management dashboards or mashups to monitor and analyze relevant KPIs at a glance.

Operational Insight

Monitor processes and gain business insight. See an overview of business processes in real-time—an instant picture of overall process performance helps you quickly decide what actions to take on an ad-hoc basis.

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Discover a wealth of information about your processes. Gain insights through real-time process analytics, dashboards and alerting to identify bottlenecks and other issues as soon as they occur. Take action based on those insights before customer impact with webMethods Optimize for Process, which integrates seamlessly with webMethods BPMS.

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