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Robotic Process Automation

Meet your new assistant.

By 2021, 4 million robots will supplement the workforce by assuming control of administrative tasks and repetitive processes that don’t require human intervention. Robots will enable your talent to focus on the complex tasks and assignments that need human decision-making and creative skills. Welcome to the new wave of work automation—Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—where software eliminates as much manual work as possible.

The Robots Are Coming: Simplify Manual Work with Robotic Process Automation

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Empower your organization for the new millennium with RPA. With Software AG’s RPA solution, you can automate tasks that can be driven by business rules and don’t need human intuition—for example:

  • Repetitive, high-volume tasks
  • File processing and storage
  • Report generation
  • Transferring information between applications and systems
  • Data extraction and conversion (like from a JPEG to retype in CRM)
  • Mass email handling (generation, archiving and extracting)

Robots, built into your processes at a desktop or server, are cyber-powered digital assistants, ready to take on routine administrative work so your people can focus their brainpower and attention where it’s needed most.

You can deploy the solution in days since no changes are needed to underlying systems and applications, and no special integrations are required to achieve quick results.

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Quick start
No special connectors, no code-level integration and no heavy IT involvement required! webMethods RPA offers immediate delivery with a click of a button and can support ANY software application in ANY technology, including web-based, SaaS, desktop, Citrix®, Java®, Silverlight®, Flash®, emulators (mainframe) and homegrown software. Install webMethods RPA on-premises or on a private or public cloud without any footprint on your core business applications. While working with any application, webMethods RPA also works with any existing learning and support infrastructure.

Scalable & secure platform
An enterprise-grade full client-server network architecture offers high scalability, reliability and rapid response to change. A central repository manages and controls security and access, making content available to privileged users while blocking others. Seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft® Active Directory®, webMethods RPA offers single sign-on authentication. The server also collects usage statistics and makes insightful analytics available
to solution administrators via a collection of configurable and ready-to-go reports. A powerful morphological search engine makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Easy development
Put robots to work fast using a visual interface that allows business users to easily drag-and-drop process activities, with virtually no learning curve. Reuse best practices and business processes across software systems with one-click recording. Recorded workflows can be edited by the content authors using a rich set of advanced features for adding messages, alerts, prompts, decision points, field auto-fill and form validations. Capture and
edit once to create multiple supporting outputs.

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