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Adabas & Natural Application Modernization

Transform existing enterprise applications.

Software AG’s Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform transforms existing enterprise applications to better meet business demands and deliver continued value.

Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform

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Get more business value out of existing applications by modernizing them with the Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform. Transform core apps cost effectively while leveraging new technologies.

What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Give a new look-and-feel to Natural, COBOL, RPG or any other 3GL applications
  • Continue to get business value from the processes, business rules and workflow embedded in your core apps


  • Modernize interfaces quickly
  • Keep what’s reliable—change only what you need to change
  • Minimal changes needed for green-screen modernization and SOA enablement


  • Modernize applications at the screen level or business-logic level
  • Integrate core apps with desktop and Web applications
  • Re-host Adabas-Natural applications to another platform—for example, from the mainframe to Linux®

Key Benefits

Improve the user experience

Modernize user interfaces to assure consistent and intuitive interaction with all of your applications. Make existing applications easier to use and accessible to even mobile users.

Increase business productivity

Automate actions to eliminate redundancies and manual processes.

Modernize applications fast

Not only do our tools offer fast results, our accelerators jump-start your modernization initiatives, speed knowledge transfer and unlock proven business logic for re-use. Plan your modernization program and keep it on track with our Prime methodology.

Avoid rip-and-replace risks

Avoid the expense and headaches of a risk-and-replace project. Instead, re-use core apps by adding a modern interface and integrating them with other applications.

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Green-Screen Modernization

Automatically transform green-screens into modern Web pages.

Mobile Enablement

Integrate green-screen and legacy applications with mobile devices and apps.

Mainframe Data Connectivity

Access mainframe databases and non-relational data systems, for example, Adabas, IMS™ and VSAM, via SQL and data virtualization features.

Legacy Applications Integration

Integrate mainframe and AS/400® application seamlessly with Java® and .NET.

SOA Enablement

Expose program functionality as Web services with support for SOA governance environments.

Application Analysis

Analyze and re-document old application source code and assets.

Platform Re-Hosting

Re-host Adabas & Natural applications to another platform – for example, from the mainframe to Linux®.

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Business Needs

Adapt to changing business needs

Today’s business users want access to applications anywhere, anytime. Use our platform to provide access to core apps from mobile devices.

Mitigate costs and risks

Ripping out and replacing core systems can cost millions. Avoid that cost and risk by using our modernization platform to give a new look-and-feel to proven applications.

Make applications easier to use

Make green screens a thing of the past. With our platform, you can modernize interfaces in a matter of days.

Improve the customer experience

Customer service reps will work smarter and faster with a modern interface to your core systems – leading to improved customer satisfaction.

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