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Machine Learning

Self-teaching algorithms for automated response


In our “disrupters first”digital world, integrating contemporary data science techniques into existing and new business processes is a must for digital transformation. Machine Learning, a subset of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) discipline, allows algorithms to continuously learn and deliver improved results by studying high volumes of available data. AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics are used across organizations today to protect from cybersecurity threats, identify fraud, personalize responses, lower costs through predictive maintenance and much, much more. Are you ready to embrace Machine Learning innovation as part of your digital transformation?

What can webMethods Integration Server and Zementis deliver for you?

  • Create a common, standards-based framework with Zementis to deliver intelligent solutions across your agency and all applications
  • Harness the power of data science to rapidly deliver insights and support informed business decisions based on predictive analytics
  • Use sophisticated mathematical algorithms to identify and reduce fraud in digital transactions—financial or otherwise
  • Leverage real-time user behavior data to create one-tone personal experiences
  • Identify and respond to real threats and decrease false positive alerts from compliance and/or surveillance systems


The right integration platform makes all the difference. With the right choice you can minimize risk, reduce long-term costs and ensure your project is wildly successful. Here are the top three reasons to integrate Machine Learning with webMethods:

  1. Infuse Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning into any part of your process.
    With webMethods Integration Server you already ingest, refine and deliver data to analyze it exactly the way you want to. By expanding the scope into advanced analytics, the Integration Server Package for Zementis now allows you to quickly embed and execute data science models at any step of your business process. Zementis can be embedded into business processes to enable valuable, automated business decision-making across any contemporary or legacy IT platform.
  2. Intelligent integration with Zementis.
    Software AG’s Zementis leverages mature, well-supported, open industry standards to deliver data science informed solutions across all IT environments enabling organizations to harness the power of their data, to rapidly deliver insights, and support business decisions based on AI, machine learning or predictive analytics.
  3. Lower IT resource commitment to Data Science projects.
    Eliminate the need for custom coding and integration of complex predictive models with back-end systems while dramatically improving the productivity of your data science teams.

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