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Digital Platform for SAP

Deliver agility while mediating interaction with your SAP ERP landscape.

By building a digital platform on top of your SAP systems, you can:

  • (Re)document and roll out operations in new areas faster
  • Respond faster to changing markets and customer needs, more quickly and effectively
  • Integrate and connect with your customers, partners and supply chain members in a way that they like

Digital Innovation for SAP

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SAG Solution Brief DiagramIn a world of innovation that’s changing as quickly as ours does, flexibility and agility are the hallmarks of today’s successful organizations. The key to achieving the agility needed lies not in changing your SAP ERP solution. In fact, the very opposite is true: Treat your SAP ERP solution as the bedrock foundation it is and build a digital business platform on top of it. Software AG Government Solutions makes that easy to do.

Leverage our software platform to add a layer of agility so you can react faster to an increasingly digitized, customer-centric, real-time and multi-channel world. The platform can help you accelerate process improvement, improve mission and IT alignment, and ensure better SAP connectivity and integration with other systems across the enterprise.

SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.


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Transform your SAP-based business and IT

  • Automatically re-document your SAP landscape, providing the company’s business processes enriched with information of involved SAP roles, actual usage of standard and customized SAP transactions and reports, document types and enterprise structures, using ARIS
  • Determine how to optimize processes using industry best-practice models with Software AG’s Performance.Ready
  • Easily synchronize optimized processes between ARIS for SAP Solutions and SAP Solution Manager to ensure ongoing business and IT alignment
  • Automatically test scenarios for test management in SAP based on the end-to-end process descriptions using ARIS Test Designer
  • Unlock the power of social collaboration for business and IT improvement and incorporate mobile devices into your digital business platform with ARIS Connect
  • Manage risks, compliance, audits and policies, all based on the foundation of business processes, using ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager

Integrate SAP and any system

  • Connect systems, services, devices and processes—even business partners, social networks and data streams from a wide range of sources—quickly and effectively, no matter where they are using webMethods for SAP Solutions
  • Benefit from webMethods full life-cycle API management services—from API design, development and cataloging to exposure, access management and retirement

Build more agile processes

  • Use business process management and create agile processes that can offload change management services and shield the SAP foundational software from disruption using webMethods
  • Create and manage dynamic processes within the digital business platform with webMethods—and, by integrating ARIS, take a full Model-to-Execute approach to build and deploy applications quickly—for the Web, mobile, whatever you choose

Leverage intelligent business operations

  • Discover and analyze processes that span all kinds of systems with Software AG Process Performance Manager; root-cause analysis functionality, benchmarks and performance monitoring tools benefit from predefined analytical content packages for SAP
  • See problems as they unfold and take real-time steps to mitigate your risks using webMethods operational intelligence tools—no need to wait weeks to understand that there was a problem in processes across SAP or other systems
  • See patterns “in the noise” and respond quickly whether those patterns spell opportunity or risk with Apama streaming analytics
  • Engage in real time with an ever-growing volume of data using Terracotta in-memory data management

SAP® Solution Manager is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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Secure Digital Platform for SAP

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